A Star Is Born From 181Mins To 154Mins

If you have the chance to watch the 1954 Warner Bros. movie A Star is Born, you may be confused when the film is about 40 minutes old. The normal picture is gone, replaced by a few Zhang Panhuang's photo, but the problem is that the sound is still right. I saw a netizen commenting on a website that this is an early experimental method in Hollywood. In fact, this is not the case. So what is it all about?

"The Birth of a Star" originated in the early 1930s, and producer David Selznick ("Gone with the Wind") wanted to shoot a serious drama about the Hollywood behind-the-scenes story by Janet Gaynor ( "Sunrise" and Frederick Ma ("Incarnation Dr.") starring in a love story between an actress and an alcoholic star. After the film was released, it was very popular, and also won the Oscar for best original script and special honors (photographer).

On December 28, 1942, Judy Garron ("The Wizard of Oz") and Frederick Ma District performed the radio drama "The Birth of a Star". Judy Galen liked this story very much, several times. Re-taken with MGM, but they were not adopted.

    In the early 1950s, Judy Galen fled for four years with alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental breakdown. She divorced her husband, Vincent Minnelli ("An American in Paris"), and MGM was fired. After she, Judy Galen married Sid Luft. Sid Luft quickly signed a contract with Warner to give Judy Garron three films for Warner. At the beginning of 1953, the two sides reached an agreement to retake the 1937 edition of "The Birth of a Star."

The film was directed by George Cook (known as "the director who knows the most women's play", and has written many episodes for the film "The Best Director of Oscar" by "My Fair Lady", composer Harold Arlen and lyricist Ira Gershwin. Different from the original, this remake is the type of story + song and dance. This is the first time that Cook has directed the song and dance film, which is his first special color widescreen movie.

The film's actor was originally named Gary Grant ("Northwest North"), but at this time he was busy traveling with his wife, so he pushed off the film (he also pushed down the "Roman Holiday" and "Dragon and Phoenix" ")), Cook also proposed to let Humphrey Bogart ("North Africa Spy") and Frank Sinatra ("Eleven Arhats") to play the leading role, but the Warner company owner Jack Warner denied, In the end, James Mason ("One Tree Pear Blossoms") got this role.

The cost of the film is expected to be $2 million, but due to the instability of Judy Garron, George Cook's perfectionism and the problem of CinemaScope's widescreen technology (Jack Warner announced that the film will use CinemaScope wide after the film started shooting a month later) The screen format was taken, so the film in the previous month was completely obsolete. The original three-month filming period was extended to seven months, and the cost soared to $5 million.

    On September 29, 1954, "The Birth of a Star" held a grand premiere. The film was well received by film critics, but the theater manager complained that the film was too long and hoped to be reduced from the 181-minute version of the premiere version. In 154 minutes, they can expand from three shows a day to five. Jack Warner listened to the cinema manager and cut the film to 154 minutes without notifying George Cook. Cook had no choice but to hear the news. Since then, the three-hour original "The Birth of a Star" no longer exists.

After the birth of "A Star" was cut into a 154-minute version, the box office was not good. Judy Galen gave birth to her third child on March 29, 1955. The next day, March 30, was the Oscars ceremony. In other words, she could not attend. At this time, the media agreed that she would win the prize because she had won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, so the TV station sent a live squad to stay in the hospital, so that when the announcement was announced, Judy Garron was directly photographed in the hospital. The picture of the celebration. However, when the award-winner read "Grace Kelly", the live broadcast team immediately silently withdrew without saying hello.

This award gave Judy Garron a huge blow. She has not filmed a movie for 7 years. After entering the 1960s, she only starred in three movies and dubbed a movie, June 22, 1969. Judy Galen died in England at the age of 47.

In 1971, a man named Ronald Haver changed the fate of "The Birth of a Star." He made a retrospective of George Cook's film at the American Film Institute, asking if Cook could have a chance to see the full version of "The Birth of a Star," Cook said with both hands: I don't have a copy of all my directed films. I only kept all the scripts and stills. Ronald Haver asked the American Film Academy to borrow a full 181-minute version of "The Birth of a Star" from Warner, but the answer was: We only have a 154-minute version.