13 Going on 30

2004 "For some, 13 feels like it was just yesterday. For Jenna, it was."
6.00| 0min| Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, | More Info
Released: April 13, 2004
Revenue: 96455697

After total humiliation at her thirteenth birthday party, Jenna Rink wants to just hide until she's thirty. With a little magic, her wish is granted, but it turns out that being thirty isn't as always as awesome as she thought it would be!

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Kiersten Warren,Carmit Bachar,Susan Egan,Philip Pavel,Andy Serkis,Judy Greer


Ángela Núñez,Deborah La Mia Denaver,Todd Garner,Josh Goldsmith

Producted By

Columbia Pictures,Revolution Studios,Thirteen Productions

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