City Horror: Song Of The Dead

1970 ""
Released: January 1, 1970
Revenue: 0

The Song of the Dead: In the year 553, General Bai Lan lead her army against Sun Law and was trapped in an evil spell by their wizard. Almost 1500 years later, a singer named Wei Lai and her producer Wing Man begin practicing in a deserted studio. Wing Man discovers among the old papers an unfinished song, and begins to compose an ending. Meanwhile, Wei Lai keeps seeing a female ghost draped in red. As the song nears completion, Wing Man begins to transform into another being, and Wei Lai's actions are becoming even more bizarre. But what is the meaning behind these transformations and their connection to this still unfinished song?

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Jackson Reid,Mark Strong,Jhaleil Swaby,Ian Chen,Bryce Arden Poe,Ron Cephas Jones


Toby Emmerich,Shane Vieau,Michael E. Uslan,F.J. DeSanto

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The Safran Company,DC Entertainment,DC Comics,New Line Cinema,Callahan Filmworks,Silver Fox Entertainment

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