2012 "London Burns. Choose your side."
3.40| 0min| Crime, | More Info
Released: October 1, 2012
Revenue: 0

Damien, a London copper has a past he's trying to forget. Before joining the force he ran with a football firm, getting involved in tear-ups up and down the country. Now he's on the other side of the law and faces a tough decision, side with his old crew or protect London as it burns and rioters run amok. Falling in love with fellow cop Louise, he is quickly alerted to a street-level uprising that is about to shake London. Amidst the brutalities presented by the riots, he fights for justice at Louise's expense. Having been raped by a rioter known to him, Damien finds himself levelling with the rioters, fighting a war he cannot win, as much against the rioters as against himself.

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Jenna Harrison,Charlie Bond,Merveille Lukeba,Nick Nevern,Kellie Shirley,Steven Berkoff


Simon Phillips,Jenny Lee Wright,Damien McPhillips,Haider Zafar

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Press On Features,Chata Pictures,Templeheart Films

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